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character info
basics & backstory - Who the frilly frell is this chick, anyway?
personality - Surprisingly, Pao-Lin is not just about fighting and food. Though admittedly those are still pretty big parts of her character.
canon relationships - FRAAAAANDSHIIIIPPPPP
miscellany-lin - Making more shit up.
references - A compilation of other T&B material I use for reference/inspiration in RPing Pao-Lin. This includes links to translations of the drama CDs she's in as well as the animated specials.
transcriptions - Pao-Lin's lines from the episodes, dramas, and animated specials. Comes in romaji, sub, and dub flavors!
gallery - Official images of Pao-Lin/Dragon Kid. Image-heavy, of course.

threading - Keeping track of how much Pikapao gets around.
how's my driving? - Doin it rite or doin it rong? Tell me plz.

And then just for procrastination fun...

unofficial directory of t&b rp casts - Exactly what it says on the tin. Updated every time ATP rolls around. Or whenever I feel like it.
theme song: one girl revolution - I need to make a playlist for this girl. (No, I am not adding "Kung Fu Fighting" to that list, that's too obvious.)
character song: todoroke kung-fu master - Cheesy Chinese musical motif? Check.
dragon kid: the animated - Too lazy to wade through the TL;DR of her backstory post? Here's an introduction to the Lightning Bolt Kung-Fu Master told in GIFs instead (a.k.a. this is a gigantinormus GIFdump post, because reasons -- seriously I'm not kidding there's at least 30 in here on last count).
that visualosity thing - Well, why not.
treasure trove of t&b plurk emotes - And again, why not!

Pao-Lin hungers...
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Instrument: PERCUSSION (incl. but not limited to: marimba, xylophone, glockenspiel, and vibraphone)
Fame Lvl: 0 (Power Lvl + Fortune Lvl)
Current MP: 0

Short Description:
► The gluttonously delicate percussionist of Flowers Over Bones. Formerly Son Goku as a tomboy loli Bruce Lee with lightning powers. Her emotional alignment is Hope.

Regains So Far:
► 1. memory - her first HeroTV end-of-season awards ceremony

Contact Player:
[plurk.com profile] cinnamonical
► PM


► PHONE: 1-555-404-1964
► TEXT: 1-555-404-1964
► EMAIL: paolin.huang@virgoentertainment.vgo
► TWITTER: twitter.com/bonbonsoverbones
► FACEBOOK: facebook.com/paolinhuang
► TUMBLR: cupcakeprincess.tumblr.com

fanart source.

application - Hey now, you're a rock star! Get the show on, get paid!
cr chart - Livin' the life with these losers.
activity check - Half the job is showing up.
interstellar life - EXCLUSIVE SCOOP.
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[In the late morning hours, the face of an androgynous-looking girl appears over the journals. Despite the bruises and scratches marring her face and exhaustion weighing down her eyelids just a tad, she's smiling brightly at the camera from somewhere outdoors. She does sound distracted, though.]

Hey, everyone! I guess I'm here again. Geez, I wonder how long it's been...

[She doesn't specifically remember what her last month here was. All she has is a general impression that it was chilly then, which is no help.]

Maybe it's been so long that no one here knows me anymore, huh? In that case: my name's Pao-Lin and it's nice to meet you! Hope things have gotten better since I left.

[The cheer fades from her countenance a little as thoughts of elsewhere stain her slowly returning memories of Luceti. She shivers a little, though that's related more to the cold than to her mental tangles.]

Well, I'm gonna go get some clothes. I'll be in the plaza if anyone wants to talk. I really wanna see everyone again!

[She really hopes that there's at least one of her old friends around. Normally she'd be okay with being by herself, but...not right now.]


[After Pao-Lin finds clothes more suited to the cold, she shuffles to the clinic to get her injuries checked out and properly treated if need be. Once that's dealt with, she visits Seventh Heaven to answer any replies she might have received while wandering around. (And to get a couple of bites to eat, of course.) Finally, she'll check that her old apartment at CH7 -- whoops, the Heart Building -- is still free. (Whoah, there's an elevator now?! Thank goodness. After the beatdown she received while fighting that old NEXT geezer, she really doesn't feel like walking any more than she has to.)]
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[When Pao-Lin wakes up on the morning of the 19th from being returned from her death penalty removal, she is nearly delirious with hunger. Fortunately, the droids deposited her right outside Seventh Heaven. So as soon as the restaurant opens, she's there scarfing down a very generous, very delicious breakfast. Amen, hallelujah, potstickers: she can taste again.

With that satisfying start to her day, Pao-Lin sets off to go about her usual schedule, her spirits high. Unfortunately, about fifteen minutes later, she's starving again. Thinking (or hoping) for it to be a temporary sensation, she soldiers onward.

But soon enough she ends up just flopping over somewhere in the streets of Luceti, on the verge of passing out. Despite her gargantuan breakfast, she's completely run out of energy already. Someone's going to need to either drag this girl to a place that has food, or share some food with her so she can at least walk on her own. After all, it would kind of fail if she had to die again so soon after getting her first death penalty removed. I'M JUST SAYIN'. 8|;;

When a few more incidents like this occur during the day, Pao-Lin eventually figures out that she's going to need easy access to nomnoms to fight back SUDDENLY A HUNGER HORDE. She's a little annoyed because these frequent, severe hunger pangs mean that she can't do her normal training regimens without risking outright collapse. On the other hand...she's not exactly going to complain about eating. Still, it would be nice to not have to worry about running out energy multiple times an hour.

Due to these side effects from her death penalty removal, Pao-Lin can be found haunting either Seventh Heaven or the bakery if she's not just hiding in her apartment. She'll usually be reading or sketching, but she's definitely willing to talk. Friends may notice that she's bubblier than usual -- which is saying something considering who this is.]
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[The video feed shows Pao-Lin sitting in her living room with a piece of paper in her lap. The black cushions of her futon couch stand out rather starkly against the bright yellow wall behind her.]

Hi, everyone, Pao-Lin here! Um, I've been thinking...since a lot of people seemed to like the mural project back in November, I thought it'd be nice to do another mural at some point. And, well, now would be a good time for it, right? We could use something fun to do after all that crap that happened last month. Plus, it's warm out, so it'll be nice to be outside! So...

[She holds up the piece of paper then, showing off this rather watery design rendered in colored pencil on tinted paper.]

What do you guys think of this? It'd be painted on the ground around the fountain, which is why I tried to make it look watery. I know the ground isn't good for painting right now, but don't worry, I know someone who can fix that. [TOPH, SHE IS LOOKING AT YOU, BROSIS.] As for when this'll happen, I was thinking we could start next Friday. It'll kinda be like we did last time, where some of us spent a few days drawing the design before having everyone else come in on the last day to finish painting things. So Friday and Saturday -- the 20th and the 21st -- will be for people who feel comfortable with drawing, and then on Sunday, other people can paint the colors inside our outlines. It'll be just like coloring inside a coloring book! Only with paint instead of crayons. So even if you don't think you're good at art, it'll be really easy for you to help out then.

Oh, but even if you don't want to paint, you should still drop by! There'll be food there and tables set up, so you can get something to eat and just hang out with people. If you're new to Luceti, this'll be a great way for you to make friends!

[After fielding replies to her entry, Pao-Lin heads out to lay more groundwork for this project, so to speak. She drops by Seventh Heaven to check in with catering plans, then returns to the fountain with a tape measure and some chalk, taking measurements on the ground and scribbling down notes and observations in her sketchbook. She'll also poke her head into the item shop and the school to check up on any painting supplies they may have there.]

((OOC: The lucetiooc post on this project!))
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[It's been almost two weeks since her return, but only now does Pao-Lin feel up to letting people know she's back. She'd actually rather just keep quiet about the whole thing, but she knows that she met with a few of her friends while she was still Shifted, not to mention that she's been effectively "gone" from the village for almost a whole month. People are going to ask her questions when they see her again, and she really does not want to keep repeating her horror story over and over. Well, she supposes she might end up doing that here, but since it's a written post she'll be able to distance herself a little.]

Hi everyone, this is Pao-Lin. Sorry to anyone who ran into me a few weeks ago, after the Malnosso messed me up. I'm back to normal now.

[Filtered to Luca: 15%]

Hey, sorry I haven't --

[The filter breaks. So does her heart, a few seconds later.]


[At some point in the day, Pao-Lin will head out to the foresty areas around the village, just to clear her mind (or attempt to). It's a compromise between finally leaving her little dragon cave while still trying to avoid others as much as possible. She doesn't usually frequent the woods, so she doesn't wander too far out, and she takes her time in walking the area. (She also makes it a point to avoid the general vicinity of CH1. Too many bad memories there.) When Pao-Lin gets tired enough, she'll lean against a tree to rest, either by napping or just staring blankly at nothing in particular. It's fortunate that the weather is much nicer than her mood, even if she's not necessarily in the best of states to appreciate it.]
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[There's a familiar young woman stalking the streets of Luceti today, newly returned from her mallynapping a week ago. But those who know her will quickly realize that something is...off.

There are the physical differences, for one. She's slightly taller, wears her hair longer, and carries herself a little tighter, like a coiled snake ready to strike as needed. Her expression is intense and wary, not cheerful like it usually is. And she carries a katana with her -- a strange choice, considering her trademark weapon as a Hero (and the fact that she never walked around armed in Luceti).

Ah...Heroes and HeroTV. That's where things get interesting with this one. She remembers a certain event from her world rather differently from before, and as a result she's a girl with a mission now. Her purpose in Luceti is to rest a bit from her earlier ordeals and to learn enough to get her where she needs to go; she doesn't intend to stay any longer than she has to. After all, there's nothing that anchors her here aside from unfortunate circumstances. Friends? Don't be ridiculous -- she lost all her friends four years ago. It's the whole reason she's even stuck here in the first place.]

((OOC: Replies to come from [personal profile] lightningbride! You can find Bride-Lin practically anywhere in Luceti during the daytime as she scopes out the village and tries to gather information. Evening is reserved for other ridiculousness...))
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[The best part of waking up...is another fucking mission from the Malnosso in your journal, obviously. Pao-Lin stares blearily at the notice and grumbles a few adorably tame expletives before crawling out of bed to make herself presentable for the day. Once she's had a chance to wake herself up a little more, she makes a short voicepost.]

How many times have people gone on missions for the Malnosso so far? I just got called for my third one in the past four months. [It feels like she just got off her last one, yeesh.] Guess our art lessons are getting canceled again, Luca. Sorry! [Nope, she didn't bother filtering the notice this time. Have fun with that, House #46, if you didn't already know about this development.] And Link, I'll be missing out on your lessons, too.


[Pao-Lin goes for breakfast at Seventh Heaven, then visits the Item Shop later to check if they might have any sort of pastels in stock -- she's been starting to branch out from her usual media in her work. She does her usual training at the Battle Dome, then drops by the first floor of CH1 so she can meet up with Mega Man and relax with a friend before she has to put on her Hero face for her mission tomorrow.

But the only thing she meets up with in room #4 is a distressingly empty apartment.

She heads out to the Rec Center anyway to play some video games, like she'd initially planned to with Mega Man. After that, she stops by the grocery store to pick up ingredients to actually cook her own dinner tonight, instead of eating out.]
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and all my goodbyes, lost in the winter like Kansas )

[Once she's pulled herself together sufficiently enough, Pao-Lin heads out into Luceti to go about her day. Despite having spent most of the past two weeks involved in strenuous physical activity, she'll still go through her kung fu forms by the river, though her movements won't be as spirited or as focused as they usually are. She'll take her main meals at Seventh Heaven, but she'll drop by the bakery for some pocket food before wandering aimlessly through the streets, not going anywhere in particular but not wanting to stay at home and brood, either. At night she can be found at Good Spirits, staring morosely at a melting milkshake. If approached at any point, she'll put on the brightest smile she can, but at this moment the brightness will be less like sunshine and more like a flickering lightbulb.]
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it's the season of bowing our heads in the wind and knowing we are not alone in fear, not alone in the dark )

[Merry Christmas, Luceti! Reindeer Kid is prancing around bringing a bit of holiday cheer to anyone she knows. Friendly acquaintances will be getting small bags containing chocolate chip cookies, gingerbread men, and peppermint brownies. Closer members of her circle will be receiving a larger share of the treats (the gingerbread men may even be customized a little to look like the recipient) plus a small card with a custom message and/or doodles from her! She might show up at your door to give you your present if she knows where you live, or she might just stalk you down at some other place in Luceti. Or maybe you're looking for her! No worries: with a bright yellow winter jacket, green hair, and red-and-green reindeer antlers, she'll be hard to miss.]

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  • Work out. Then again, why bother?
  • Your socks don't match.
  • Your clothes all need to be replaced.
  • Your usually dominant manner is replaced by a coy submissiveness today. Go with it.

[When Pao-lin receives her horoscopes on Friday the 25th, she doesn't really think much of them -- she isn't into that kind of thing, and anyway she's too occupied with thoughts of the mural project. By some miracle, none of her horoscopes take effect during the three days of painting the mural.

But then comes Monday morning.

Pao-lin wakes up feeling way too tired and lazy to do her usual exercises. She chalks it up to being exhausted after the mural project, though, and decides that she's earned a day off. After getting herself refreshed and dressed (albeit in slightly mismatched socks...she was too lazy to find ones that matched, and anyway no one but her will see them so whatever), she puts up this video message on the journal.]

Good morning, Luceti! I just wanted to say a quick thank-you to everyone who put up the mural over the weekend. It looks great, and it couldn't have been done without all of your help! Maybe we could do another one in spring or summer, when the weather is nicer.

[She heads out to Seventh Heaven to get some breakfast before running some errands, namely: 1) going to the item shop to search for some sort of paint sealant to protect the mural and 2) heading to the library not only to return the art books she borrowed as reference/inspiration for the mural, but also to see what kind of kind of books she could use to teach Luca how to draw.

In the afternoon, she passes by one of the clothing shops. To her utter surprise, the dress her parents bought for her as a Christmas present a few months ago is being displayed in the window. She goes in to fetch it out of sentimental value, but then it occurs to her, well, why not wear it today? It's almost Christmas here, after all; it'll be the next best thing to actually being home with her family, even though she reaaaaalllly doesn't like wearing dresses or anything remotely girly.

Once she puts on the dress, she mysteriously finds herself gripped by an odd urge to find a nicer coat to go along with it. Not only does she procure this lovely white coat with matching gloves and fuzzy earmuffs, but she also ends up taking home two other dresses, a very sunny yellow one and a more elegantly understated purple one. She just liked the colors, okay? They'll make nice wall decorations in her living room, or something. It's not like she'd actually wear them, sheesh.

...except that on Tuesday and Wednesday, she realizes that she actually does want to wear one of those dresses when she goes out. And wearing a dress makes her feel...different, somehow. As a result, her every movement becomes graceful and deliberate, and her voice, normally a bit husky for a girl, softens a bit and pitches slightly higher. Lacking her usual interest in being active, she'll spend most of the day inside reading and enjoying some warm, delicious food and beverages. But she may be persuaded to go for a walk around the village if she's got company. Totally not looking at you, Luca. And not you either, Hubert.

TL;DR From Monday afternoon onwards, Pao-lin will look and act like a very shy and dainty girl for once. Monday she'll be wearing the dress her parents gave her, while on Tuesday she'll be wearing the yellow dress and Wednesday the purple one. She'll be haunting Seventh Heaven, the bakery, the tea shop, the library, and possibly Good Spirits during the night, so drop by any of those places for a once-in-a-lifetime glimpse of Pao-lin in a dress! Or you can catch her before any of these girly shenanigans, if you want. But c'mon. Pao-lin in a dress.]

Originally found at: http://lightningcute.livejournal.com/4417.html
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[If Luceti were a martial arts movie, the following scenes would be presented in a training montage, complete with dramatic cinematography and epic orchestral music:

✏ Pao-lin going to the library to check out various art books
✏ Pao-lin scribbling furiously in a sketchbook and frowning thoughtfully at said scribbles before tearing out the page, crumpling it up, and then tossing it randomly over her shoulder, where it joins a roving gang of other unwanted brainchildren
✏ Pao-lin scouting out the location for her mural
✏ Colored pencils being dumped out in unceremonious slow-motion onto a tabletop, to be culled down to the very best by Pao-lin's discerning eyes
✏ Pao-lin sweeping eraser shavings off a page already worn thin with multiple erasings
✏ A pencil sharpener dropping to the floor, vomiting out pencil shavings that still need to be cleaned up as of the time of this entry
✏ The dark silhouette of Pao-lin from behind, illuminated only by the light of a lantern, as she works late into the night
✏ And finally, a hard-won smile of victory and relief as she holds up the final product of her blood, sweat, and brain cells

But since Luceti is just an RP, all you get is that checklist. |D You'll have to provide your own soundtrack, I'm afraid. (Ghost Love Score may be a good place to start, though.)

TL;DR, Pao-lin worked hard on this, yo. Designing this mural had been more difficult than she'd thought it would be: she actually slacked off a bit (but just a bit!) on her usual training in order to make sure she could give her best to this project. Now she's ready to show off what she's got. Are your bodies ready?

Pao-lin shoves some clutter off her worktable before setting the journal upright on it and turning the video feed on. As she sits down, her eyes stray briefly to the side as she checks a nearby piece of paper to remind her what to cover in this post. Then she smiles and waves.]

Hi, everyone, it's Pao-lin here again! I came up with a design for Luceti's mural!

[Proudly (and yet a little bit shyly), she holds out a sketchbook featuring this eye-blisteringly bright rendering of her design idea.]

I tried to use the happiest colors I could think of! [Yes, there is a predominance of yellow and yellowish tones in the design. She is totally not biased at all. Totally not.] The red circles are gonna be where anyone can paint in their favorite thing about their own world, or even about Luceti if they want. And it doesn't have to be red, either, there'll be other colors! I also tried to go with something simple so it wouldn't take too long, and so that it'd be easier for more people to help out. [Also because trying to design anything more complicated gave her mun a headache.] As for when this will happen...I checked the calendar at the Welcome Center, and I think it might be okay if we started work next Friday. I know that it's right after Thanksgiving, but it'll be a good way to work off all the food you eat! Since it's a simple design, we can do most of this on Friday and Saturday as long as there are enough people painting. That way, anyone can come in on Sunday and add their own drawings in the circles! Most of the circles will be painted beforehand, but we can always do more if we need to.

[A pause as she checks her reminder list again.]

Oh! The mural will be located between the Welcome Center and Azzip. Toph has volunteered to raise a stone wall for us to paint on, as well as a shelter around the wall so that we can paint without being snowed on or whatever. Thanks, Toph!

Well, I think that's all for now. If you have any questions or comments, don't be afraid to tell me, okay? I want to make sure that this mural is the best that we can make it!

((OOC: Has been spammed all over [livejournal.com profile] lucetiooc here, here, and here. First IC post here.))

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[Now that Luceti has escaped imminent destruction (for now), Pao-lin is finally going to make a journal post about this. She got the idea about a month ago while talking with Caesar during the experiment in September, but once her own fairytale shenanigans befell her, it slipped her mind. And then when she finally remembered again, it was like Fairytale Event 2: Electric Boogaloo (With 100% More Moon!). Not exactly an ideal time to try and organize something other than getting things back to normal.

And...well, this sort of falls under "getting things back to normal", in a way. Hopefully it should be a good distraction for some people.

So in the morning, after Pao-lin's done her kung fu exercises and thought about what she wanted to say, she'll make this voice post.]

Um, hi, everyone! If you don't know me, my name is Pao-lin. I know we're all still dealing with the last experiment, but I guess that just means we all need something to cheer ourselves up, right?

So I was just thinking...maybe it might be nice to paint a mural somewhere in Luceti, something bright and happy and colorful. I haven't thought of anything specific yet, but I definitely want to hear everyone's ideas! It'd be better if we could do it where everyone could see it easily, like somewhere in the plaza, but a friend said that the Rec Center might be a good place, too.

((OOC: If you missed it, there's an OOC post here on the topic!))

Originally found at: http://lightningcute.livejournal.com/3583.html
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[The video feed shows Pao-lin sitting cross-legged on her bed, her hands resting clasped on her legs. When she speaks, her voice is a bit trembly, but she makes up for it with a big -- though apologetic -- smile.]

Um...to everyone whose things I might've broken or messed up during the experiment...I just wanted to say I'm really sorry. If you want or need my help in fixing things, I'll be glad to make up for the trouble I caused.

[Later in the day, she can be found at the tea shop, drinking tea while reading a novel she borrowed from the library, or at the Battle Dome, further testing out her own capabilities as well as those of the Battle Dome.]

Originally found at: http://lightningcute.livejournal.com/3172.html
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[Lucetians today may notice a little girl in a green tunic and matching pointy, floppy hat wielding a pink feather duster and a large pot lid doing one of two things:

1. Breaking into various buildings in the village. Be warned if there are clay pots or other such things in the vicinity: she'll be tossing them around to break them and get at any goodies inside. Acquiring quest items may be accompanied by her humming the appropriate music.

2. Whacking bushes and shrubbery with her feather duster. She may also roll into trees.

What are you witness to?]

Originally found at: http://lightningcute.livejournal.com/2952.html
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I know, oh, now, I know, I'm never coming home )

Does anyone want to come with me to the Battle Dome sometime? It sounds really interesting, but I don't want to go by myself, since I haven't been there before. I think it would be a lot more fun to train with other people! Plus, I want to see what everyone else can do, so I can learn!

I'm Pao-lin, by the way. I hope to meet new friends while I'm here in Luceti!

and if they can bow to the wind and accept their fate, then it's not too late )

((OOC: TL;DR You can catch Pao-lin doing her zap-a-riffic kung fu on the roof of CH7 during the early morning, eating breakfast at Seventh Heaven afterwards, browsing the library during late morning, or drinking tea and reading around lunchtime! Placeholder comments and the like are encouraged, since I know we have to deal with this fairytale event. :D;;))

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