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Name:pao-lin huang ⚡⚡ pıʞ uoƃɐɹp
Birthdate:Apr 4

"Son Goku as a tomboy loli Bruce Lee."

Originally from China, Pao-Lin Huang is a NEXT (Noted Entity with eXtraordinary Talents) with the ability to generate and control lightning, as well as a highly-trained, acrobatic martial artist. Both of these skills serve her well as Dragon Kid, the current youngest Hero of Sternbild's HeroTV show.


game: [community profile] interstellar5555; formerly [community profile] luceti
mun: [personal profile] cinnamonical / Sora
musebox: [community profile] soraspace
rising-lin: [personal profile] i_am_a_tiny_god

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"Tiny God only cares about food and kicking ass, and she ate all the food."
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apparently omurice, arresting things -- i mean criminals, babysitting...?, bargain shopping, barnaby's bed, being a tiny god, being lawful hungry, big dobermans, blasting away sads with sweets, bunny snacks, calbee, complaining about useless adults, cooking shows with sky high, definitely not girly things,, doing a million push-ups and sit-ups, don't talk shit about my neesan, dragons, drawing things???, eating, electricity won't work on me!!!, everything in kotetsu's fridge, finding mailboxes, fireman carrying girls up stairs, flower language, food and again food, friends, friendship, girls' club, guzzling cream soda, gyoza, hairpins i guess........, having a gigantic o.t.n., having feels over anime, herotv, i got suit swag, i have teeth whiter than ivan, i will devour all, in ur cafe servin u cake, it's because i'm a tomboy isn't it, ivan is my bike, kicking ryan in the chest, kittyfaces :3, kotetsu's fried rice, kung fu, lady looks like a dude, learning to make meatbuns, lightning, lightning dragons, making ouro-ivan get meatbuns for me, maybe boobs, meatbuns, my parents don't understand me, nerf fights, never getting sick, not being cute, odysseus communication, ouro-ivan's boss chair, overfeeding talking puppies, partners!, permakittyface, playing hopscotch on cars, points, punching things, running all the kilometers, ryan stole my colors, singing loudly in the shower, sports, stop drawing me in dresses, studying is for those who are neither tiny nor god, taking over origami's songs, tea time with judge yuri, that looks like a sausage, the most metal drumming eveerrrrrrr, this dress is embarrassing, training, training my bike, trollface, trolling karina???, volunteering at helios energy, what's amour, working out, zapping things
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